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Smoove Glide Blanks 5 Pack

Smoove Glide Blanks 5 Pack

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Price includes domestic shipping $235 TYD (5 Blanks).

Built to Order (Usually 5 days)

Smoove Glide is a 2 piece 7 inch custom handmade resin glide bait. It is an American “garage” made lure created by a fisherman for fishermen. The lure features all stainless steal hardware that is extremely durable for the application. Lure comes assembled and is unfinished. Slow sink of approx. 2-3 sec per foot. Lure is slightly less than 2oz. Recommend Hooks (not included) size #1 or 1/0 depending on desired fall rate. (Mustad TG78 NP-BN KVD 1/0 hooks pair well with this lure.)

The action is smooth transitioning left-right glide motion at a slow to moderate speed. And although the bait isn’t a chop style lure it does well to add in some erratic chops during the tantalizing injured glide motions.

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