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Smoove Dive Blanks 5 Pack

Smoove Dive Blanks 5 Pack

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Domestic Shipping is included. Smoove Dive Blank Is a custom handmade resin lure constructed with premium components for long-lasting durability. This American garage made product is built one at a time. Blank comes unpainted/unfinished. The dive bill is 1/8" thick polycarbonate. 1/0 Mustad KVD Hooks recommended *hooks not included. They're weighted to be a slow sink, two to three second per foot, at a natural dive depth of 10-12 foot and an affective target range of 10-18' Depending on cast distance and line size.

*20 lb fluorocarbon is recommended.

*A quality plug knocker is recommended

*Works best with forward-facing sonar

Smoove Dive is designed to target suspended fish particularly on standing timber & brush piles. The lure can also be used to target schooling fish on structure. The unique ability of a slow sink deep diving lure is to run parallel at an "adjustable" depth. Simply cast the Lure past the target area, allow it time to sink to desired running depth, then start the retrieve. Experiment with retrieve speed to hold the lure at desired depth for the longest period of time. The action is an aggressive head shake and tail kick at any speed.

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